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These links are provided as an aide to our members. Please report any link issues to the Chapter to help us keep this resource up to date.

Southern Nevada Codes and Amendments

To review the adopted amendments, please go to each jurisdiction's website.

NEC 2023 Code Inputs

  • Direct to NFPA: Everyone may submit code inputs directly to NFPA on their site. Link to NFPA Code Inputs page
  • Through IAEI: As an IAEI member, you may send your code proposals and comments to the IAEI Code Committee for consideration to be presented to the NFPA by IAEI, which would bring extra weight to your input. We encourage you to do this. Link to IAEI Code Inputs page (requires member sign in; please be patient with page loading time)

Code Access


Utility Companies

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories

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Nevada State Resources

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