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1&2 Family Dwelling Residential PDF book 2017
1&2 Family Dwelling Residential PDF book 2017
Item #: 356018 - Now in its tenth edition, this IAEI One- and Two-Family Electrical Systems book explains the design, installation and inspection of electrical systems in new and existing one- and two-family dwellings based on the 2017 National Electrical Code® (NEC) and the 2018 International Residential Code (IRC). The text covers the subject in detail and meticulously updates the material as it pertains to the appropriate residential sections of the 2017 NEC and the 2018 IRC. Packed with detailed illustrations and photos, this book covers in detail:
  • general requirements
  • branch-circuit, feeder, service and other calculations
  • installs and inspections of services, including a Residential Electrical Inspection Checklist
  • cross-references from the 2017 NEC to the 2018 IRC and a comparison chart of NEC and IRC Tables
  • personnel protection (GFCIs, AFCIs, smoke alarms, etc.)
  • service grounding and bonding requirements
  • cabinets, panelboards, and meter socket enclosures
  • branch circuits and feeders and their wiring methods incuding overcurrent protection
  • outlet, device, pull and junction boxes, including box fill calculations
  • conduit bodies; fittings; and handholes
  • power and lighting distribution (general lighting circuits, small appliance branch circuits, receptacle spacing, etc.)
  • requirements for luminaires, receptacles, and switches
  • requirements for appliances
  • fixed electric space-heating equipment
  • air conditioning and heat-pump equipment
  • swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and hydromassage bathtubs, including a specific Residential Inspection Checklist for these aquatic environments
  • branch circuits and feeders runs to outbuildings (accessory buildings)
  • existing electrical installations and wiring
  • low-voltage and limited-energy systems


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  • PDF Format
  • Publisher: International Association of Electrical Inspectors; 10th edition
  • Language: English

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