Get a Member!

Welcome to the
"Member, Get a Member" Challenge!

It’s an Everyone-In, IAEI Growth Challenge!

Ends October 31!


Why Participate?

Immediately increase our IAEI membership at the local level
Increase awareness of IAEI in all our chapter and division electrical communities
Attract prospective members and strengthen the Association overall

What’s in it for Me?

Individuals, Chapters & Divisions, and New Members can all win prizes!

Individual IAEI Member Recruiter Prizes

All members endorsing one or more members*
Automatically entered in a drawing to win:
Win a $200 gift card (1 winner)
An Upgrade to Premier Membership (1 winner)
An IAEI logo apparel item (1 winner)

New Members

All newly recruited members will be automatically entered in a drawing!
A new Apple iPad (1 winner)
An IAEI book up to $75 value (2 winners)

Chapter or Division
All Chapters & Divisions with new members will be automatically entered in a drawing!
Win choice of:
    A free on-site training from an International Office Trainer (Keith Lofland or Joseph Wages, Jr.)
    Up to $1500 list price value of IAEI publications!

* IMPORTANT: The intent of this Challenge is to get as many IAEI members as possible helping recruit at the grass-roots level. To make the playing field more level, new members registering for membership as part of a training session will be ineligible to be counted for this Challenge.  Members gained through this manner will be counted, as always, toward annual membership awards as recognized at Fall Section meetings. Limit 1 prize per member.

OK, how do I get new members?

  1. Get out and invite people in your surrounding electrical community.
  2. Use these recruiting materials:
  3. Make sure your recruited members put your name and member number as their endorser.
    (see highlights) 

Please help recruit members for this campaign – we’ll all win!

If you don't see what you need here, let us know at We're here to support you!

Get help

  1. Contact your chapter or division Membership Chair
  2. Contact the International office:
    * 800.786.4234