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We have not offered seminars in quite some time. However, online seminars are available through the International Office, a registered IACET provider. For information, visit WWW.IAEI.ORG or call 1-800-786-4234.

Also, a normal feature of every chapter meeting is an educational program for which each member who attends the full session earns either one or two CEUs.

Reports of past meetings are presented below, the most recent first.

Here are the links (below) to our meeting reports, indexed by topic and date:

Photovoltaic Inspections: Common Problems (January 2020)
Master Electrician J. Keith Norris, KNEC Inspections presents on Photovoltaic Inspections
 Master Electrician J. Keith Norris, KNEC Inspections presents on Photovoltaic Inspections at the January 2020 George Washington Chapter meeting.

Flexible Metal Cables and Raceways & More (November 2019)
 Lyn Brigham presenting on Atkore raceways and other products at the November 2019 George Washington Chapter meeting.

Wiring Devices (Article 406, 404, etc.) and Other Article Applications - Primarily Receptacles (September 2019)

Overview of Developments in NEC Article 250 (March 2019)

Changes to the 2020 NEC that affect some Chapter 5 topics, particularly Articles 547, 550-553, and 555 (January 2019)
January 2019 Presentation on 2020 NEC changes to Chapter 5 - by Wesley Wheeler "2020 NEC Preview for Manufactured Buildings, Agricultural Buildings, Mobile Homes, Recreational Vehicles, Recreational Vehicles Parks, Park Trailers, Marinas, Boatyards and Commercial and Noncommercial Docking Facilities"
Maryland Smoke Detector Flyer by Fire Marshal of Anne Arundel County, MD

Calculating and marking available fault current, and matching Short Circuit Current Rating (November 2018)

Power over Ethernet (September 2018)
September Presentation: Forces Driving Change in the NEC - by Mike Johnston

Available Fault Current (May 2018)

AFCI and GFCI Development (November 2017)

Article 725 (September 2017)

Lighting and Lighting Control (June 2017)

Professional Ethics (April 2017)

Sources of Liability in what you do on a day to day basis (January 2017)  | Download images from meeting (zip file)

Right the first time (September 2016)

We Can't Lose Power (May 2016)

You're Grounded (March 2016)

It's the Law (January 2016)

Kill it!  (November 2015)

The code and the Standards  (September 2015)

A really up-to-date building (May 2015)

Reading Time-Current Curves for Fuses and Circuit Breakers (March 2015)

Electric Signs. (January 2015)

NFPA Resources, Other codes Needed to Work with the NEC, and More. (November 2014)

Evaluating Water-damaged Electrical Equipment, Evaluating Heat- and Smoke-Damaged Electrical Equipment, AND an introduction to the new article on Low-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution Systems. (September 2014)

Selective Coordination and Modern Fuses.  (May 2014)

Inspection and Troubleshooting Discussion.  (March 2014)

Changes in NEC Contents and Process. (November 2013)

Capacitor Choice and the Effects of Various Possible Faults on Line Design. (September 2013)

Wiring Devices and Circuit Protection. (May 2013)

Common Neutrals. (March 2013)

Lightning protection versus safety bonding; Firehouse Classification; and AIC Calculation.
(January 2013)

Grounding-Bonding Feeders to Other Structures; Classifying Firehouse Spaces; and Powering Jockey Pumps.
(November 2012)

Generating Plant Visit. (October 2012)

Mistakes Frequently Found on Electrical Plans. (May 2012) 

2012 Committed Members' Business Meeting. (March 2012) 

2011 NEC Changes Relevant to PV Installations. (January 2012 Part 1)

ACES report (January 2012 Part 2) 

Identifying and Dating Violations. (November 2011)

UL's White Book, Listing and Labeling Issues. (September 2011)

Pepco: Procedures and Plans. (May 2011)

New Products and the Code. (March 2011)

Some 2011 Code Changes. (January 2011)

NEMA Services Overview and Stories. (November 2010)

NEMA Lighting Systems Briefing. (September 2010)

NEIS Update. (May 2010--valuable session, but minimal report)

Generators--Installation, Consultation, and Inspection. (March 2010)

2011 ROP Observations. (January 2010) 

Assorted Code Topics. (November 2009)

An unusual bit of history. (September 2009) 

Meters and electrical measurements. (May 2009)

Grounding and Bonding of Separately Derived Systems. (March 2009)

Fuses and Related Topics. (January 2009)

Code and standards changes over time. (November 2008)

Photovoltaic Installations: Code and Safety Issues. (September 2008)

Primarily, Extensive Deliberation Over Training Plans. (May 2008)

Dimmers and Other Lighting Controls. (March 2008)

Two hours of lively discussion revolving largely around slides of Code violations. (January 2008)

Two hours of information on generator selection and maintenance. (November 2007)

Representatives from UL and NEMA talk about forthcoming NEC Changes. (May 2007)

Thermographic cameras plus some new devices. (March 2007)

Chitchat (January 2007)

Wide-ranging Notes loosely on Section 110.3. (November 2006)

Scattered notes on a miniseminar covering various aspects of grounding. (September 2006)

Code Calculations (May 2006)

Firestopping Systems (January 2006)

Communication Cables, Flamability/Smoke Characteristics, and Codes (November 2005)

Manholes and handholes and Circuit Integrity Cable (May 17, 2005, #1 #2) 

Surge Arrestors (November 9, 2004) 

Wiremold products and related Code Issues (September 14, 2004) 

May 2004

March 2004

The Importance of Knowing UL's General Information Directory (January 2004)

The Skinny on Sheaths and Insulation: CMP member Dave Mercier talks about the uses, evaluation, and repair of cables and conductors. (November 2003)

A manufacturers' representative and various members share information about testers and materials. (September 2003)

A LITERAL VERSUS APPLIED NEC; judgment calls on the rules for support of fished cables, and for multiwire circuits. (May 2003)

This is not actually the report of a chapter meeting's program, but of what took place at the American Council for Electrical Safety in April 2003.

2005 NEC changes; a sampling of those proposed, including some accepted by Code panels and some that were rejected, plus information on the process (March 2003)

Testing Laboratory product evaluations (January 2003)

NFPA's other codes, in particular NFPA 5000, their building code (November 2002)

Code enforcement in D.C. and in Annapolis, with special reference to Maryland's "Smart Code" (September 2002)

OSHA job site regulations and enforcement activities (May 2002)

AFCIs, a disputation between experts on their effectiveness (March 2002)

Personal Protective Equipment (January 2002)

Electrical codes competing with the NEC   (September 2001)

CPSC activities, including research (January 2001)

NEC rules for low-voltage wiring  (November 2000)