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IAEI Weekly Update, September 16, 2020

Wednesday, September 16, 2020   (0 Comments)
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IAEI Weekly Update

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Champion Fiberglass
The Inspector's Hatbox

IAEI Magazine
As a state electrical inspector, a typical day can be anything but typical. From code enforcer to code interpreter, problem solver to referee, to public relations representative, it can be challenging to keep track of the many hats one needs to wear! And while some hats are more weathered than others, they all get their fair share of use.


The Inside Scoop on Insulation Resistance Testing

Although this task may seem simple, the basics of insulation resistance testing are often misunderstood. Let’s dig into why that is.

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Everyday Dangers

Electrical Contractor
Electricity is not the only risk electrical contractors face. It is imperative to understand the fallout and other potential hazards that ECs encounter when working with electricity. Here is a helpful refresher on injuries that may happen to electrical contractors and a reminder of how severe such injuries can be.

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Automotive Lift

How to select a commercial water heater

Consulting-Specifying Engineer
The water heater selection process is not overly complicated, but it is much easier when the design engineer has a comfort level with the players (e.g., design team, owner, local energy utility, original equipment manufacturer, etc.) and choices involved. The mechanical engineer’s ultimate responsibility when sizing a water heater is to provide the owner with a selection that meets specific needs while also working within the limitations of the building.

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The true cost of wind turbine fires and protection

Windpower Engineering & Development
The American wind industry has stayed resilient through a difficult year, with a positive outlook for development in the years ahead. However, in order to continue to grow and thrive throughout this crisis, owners and operators cannot afford to be complacent around fire risk. A high-profile fire can not only devastate current projects, but also jeopardize the prospects of future development across the industry – and this risk only grows as turbines get bigger and move into more remote sites on- and offshore.

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IAEI Webinars

Wildfires and worker health

Naturally, outdoor workers – including those who respond to wildfires – are most impacted, both directly (from the fires themselves) and indirectly (from smoke and fine, airborne particles dispersed by the fires). However, workers in commercial buildings and office locations near wildfires also face risks. 

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Predicting the slow death of lithium-ion batteries

As in people, aging plays out differently from one battery to another, and it's next to impossible to measure or model all of the interacting mechanisms that contribute to decline. As a result, most of the systems used to manage charge levels wisely and to estimate driving range in electric cars are nearly blind to changes in the battery's internal workings.

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US Solar Power — Hit, Kicked, But Still Running

I wrote about the newest US Solar Market Insight Report this morning to provide an update on US solar power capacity added in the first half of 2020, including in relation to other energy sources. However, there’s much more to cover in the report, so let’s go through some of those charts again as well as other ones.

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Is chromaticity shift a dealbreaker for LEDs?

LED-based lighting for general illumination was first introduced about 20 years ago. As LEDs became more and more prevalent, concerns began to develop about the magnitude of lumen and chromaticity shift, and at an even more basic level, how should these attributes be measured?

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Building and Electrical Inspector with the City of North Royalton in North Royalton, Ohio

IAEI and PACE Online Education
IREC-IAEI online photovoltaic PV training


IAEI has allied with to bring you complete continuing education technical requirement courses to fulfill your state license requirements based on IAEI materials. Submit course completion to IAEI for CEUs toward certifications.

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This interactive online solar PV training for code officials and PV installers has five video modules that review the basics of how to make PV inspections efficient and effective for various system types and that gives installers good insights to help jobs meet code.

With passing scores on the lesson assessment quizzes, students can apply for CEUs from IAEI. Learn more 



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