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IAEI Weekly Update, September 2, 2020

Wednesday, September 2, 2020   (0 Comments)
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IAEI Weekly Update

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Champion Fiberglass
Basics of Switchboards, Switchgear, and Panelboards

IAEI Magazine
Although fuses were the first OCPDs to be widely used in homes and commercial buildings, circuit breakers have also had a rich history of protecting electrical installations and are very common today. This article covers the basics of panelboards, switchboards, and switchgear, which are the three main options for organizing, housing, and utilizing the OCPDs. For simplicity, only breakers will be referenced here in discussing OCPDs.


Which panel design standards are relevant?

Control Design
I'm creating many designs for industrial control systems small to large, most with small to midsize PLCs that control machines and equipment. Can you point me to national and international standards that I should be using and other resources to get the design right. I want to ensure I get the wiring, panel layouts and integration done in an industry standard way.

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Safety: Learning to think the right way

Control Engineering
Safety is more than following best practices: It’s about creating the right mindset within the workforce and among individuals to make the world safer. See five stages of post incident behavior-based (PIBB) discussion and five techniques to improve process safety.

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Automotive Lift

Calm Before the Storm

Electrical Contractor
To understand the purpose of ground-detection equipment installed for ungrounded systems, it is best to have a fundamental understanding of ungrounded system performance and the rules that apply to them.

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At Home Learning Electrical Safety

Attending school at home? Follow these electrical safety tips to keep you, your family, and home safe from electrical hazards.

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IAEI Webinars

Case study: Public safety meets resiliency goals

Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure needs to be evaluated during the design phase for added resiliency, based on the client’s requirements.

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The essentials of power-generation systems you MUST know in the middle of the night!

Electrical Engineering Portal
When we talk about the power system, there are dozen of essential terms and definitions. One of the most important is for sure that any AC power system begins with a generating source. Electric generators are devices that convert energy from a mechanical form into an electrical form. This process, known as electromechanical energy conversion, involves magnetic fields that act as an intermediate medium.

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Recognizing a need for clarification: Firewise recognition vs. certification

NFPA xChange
As wildfires ignite landscapes and communities during this active fire year, interest in community action to improve wildfire safety is at an all-time high.

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New Zealand startup eyes global wireless electrical grid

A startup energy company in New Zealand believes it can power the world with a wireless electric transmission system that can bring power to hard-to-reach areas and do so at lower cost than with traditional power lines.

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Construction Inspector I with the City of Mesa, Arizona

IAEI and PACE Online Education
IREC-IAEI online photovoltaic PV training


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This interactive online solar PV training for code officials and PV installers has five video modules that review the basics of how to make PV inspections efficient and effective for various system types and that gives installers good insights to help jobs meet code.

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