Standards Development

Standards Development

IAEI understands the importance of updating and maintaining a minimum standard for electrical safety. Most jurisdictions, both nationally and internationally, adopt or enforce compliance with an electrical code, whether it is the National Electrical Code (NEC), Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code), National Electrical Safety Code (NESC), or the International Residential Code (IRC). IAEI members participate in the enforcement and updating of these codes. Understanding the dynamic nature of the electrical industry, we strive to not only send representatives to code making panels to help update the codes, but to train and support users at the local level. We also have representatives on boards such as the UL Technical Council and International Renewable Energy Council.


NFPA 70, NEC-2023 Code Panel Representatives


  • David Williams — Principal
  • Donny Cook — Alternate


  • Paul Sood — Principal
  • Charles Valaer — Alternate


  • David Humphrey — Principal (Chair)
  • Joseph "Jody" Wages — Alternate


  • Timothy Mikloiche — Principal
  • Rhonda Parkhurst — Alternate


  • James "Jimmy" Rogers — Principal (Chair)
  • Pete Jackson — Alternate


  • William Pancake, III — Principal
  • Richard O'Brien — Alternate


  • Susan Newman-Scearce — Principal (Chair)
  • Borgia Noel — Alternate


  • Keith Lofland — Principal (Chair)
  • Dean Hunter — Alternate


  • Tom Moore — Principal (Chair)
  • Michal Hofkin — Alternate


  • Rick Hollander — Principal
  • Pat Rose — Alternate


  • David Williams — Principal
  • James Dorsey — Alternate


  • Charles "Casey" Littlefield — Principal
  • Jack Jamison, Jr.


  • Phil Clark — Principal
  • Thomas Couch — Alternate


  • Steve Froemming — Principal
  • Anton Tomasin — Alternate


  • Haywood Kines— Principal
  • Mark Chrysler — Alternate


  • Mark Hilbert — Principal
  • Clinton Bret Stoddard — Alternate


  • Jeff Fitzloff — Principal
  • Gerald J. O'Connor — Alternate


  • Donny Cook — Principal
  • Chris Faucette — Alternate


  • Robert Fahey — Principal (Chair)
  • James Hathorn — Alternate

NEC Public Input/Comments

As an IAEI member, you can contribute your expertise in promoting public inputs/comments to the NEC code-making panels. If you would like to have your public/inputs comments to be considered for IAEI endorsement, log in and submit yuour public comments on our member forum.

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Canadian Electrical Code (Part 1) Representatives

CECode Part 1- Voting Member

  • S. W. Douglas

Code Section-0

  • M. K. Shea

Code Section-2

  • S. W. Douglas

Code Section-4

  • S. Kelly

Code Section-6

  • D. Letcher

Code Section-8

  • S. W. Douglas

Code Section-10

  • M. K. Shea

Code Section-12

  • S. W. Douglas

Code Section-14

  • L. G. Silecky

Code Section-16

  • P. Olders

Code Section-18

  • J. H. Morrison

Code Section-20

  • A. Milivojevich

Code Section-22

  • L. Cantello

Code Section-24

  • E. Smeltzer

Code Section-26

  • T. R. Titus

Code Section-28

  • L. G. Silecky

Code Section-30

  • J. A. Davidson

Code Section-32

  • R. Delisle

Code Section-34

  • J. A. Davidson

Code Section-36

  • R. Head

Code Section-38

  • R. Mitchell

Code Section-40

  • M. Chumkovski

Code Section-42

  • L. G. Silecky

Code Section-44

  • K. Hood

Code Section-46

  • P. Corby

Code Section-52

  • W. Wetmore

Code Section-54

  • P. Olders

Code Section-56

  • P. Olders

Code Section-58

  • M. Chumkovski

Code Section-60

  • S. Bent

Code Section-62

  • R. Pack

Code Section-64

  • D. B. Pollock

Code Section-66

  • K. Hood

Code Section-68

  • D. Letcher

Code Section-70

  • R. W. Morin

Code Section-72

  • D. Letcher

Code Section-74

  • S. W. Douglas

Code Section-76

  • S. W. Douglas

Code Section-78

  • D. Keats

Code Section-80

  • D. Schull

Code Section-84>

  • J. C. Potts

Code Section-86

  • J.C. Potts