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IAEI Capital Campaign

While IAEI has been focusing on meeting its priorities and responsibilities, learning delivery systems and technology have changed dramatically. So, too, have the spatial requirements for the training and meeting facilities, for staffing and for production. Our current facility is in need of major upgrading and repairs. Additionally, increased demands for IAEI products and programs have taxed the association’s resources and it has not been able to keep abreast of the demands without these technological advances.

A capital improvement campaign will allow us to better serve our members and industry partners. A successful capital improvement campaign will result in the purchase of a new IO building and will incorporate green technology and energy efficiency, depending on the real estate market. This will allow IAEI to expand onsite training and to more effectively host industry meetings. Equally important, a successful capital improvement campaign will enable us to upgrade technology in order to increase production of vital publications, to implement learning delivery programs as well as to strengthen administrative functions.

IAEI needs support and contributions from its members through direct contributions and through its five groups: IAEI sections, chapters, divisions, individuals (members and non-members) and key industry partners. The above was provided to introduce and summarize the need and to update our membership on what planning is in the works. 

List of Donors

Big thanks to all our donors for participating in the Capital Improvement Campaign. We appreciate your loyalty and support. 

How to Contribute

To make a donation to the IAEI Capital Improvement Campaign, please choose from the following options.

  • Donate online

  • Mail your check made out to:
    IAEI Capital Improvement Campaign
    P.O. Box 830848
    Richardson, TX 75083

  • Call Customer Service at (800) 786-4234

Donations will not qualify for Federal income tax deductions.


Capital Improvement Campaign — Donors

Big thanks to all our donors for participating in the Capital Improvement Campaign. We appreciate your loyalty and support.

Current donations: $992,098.58

Platinum ($50,000 and greater)

IAEI Eastern Section

IAEI International

IAEI Western Section

National Fire Protection Association

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Diamond ($20,000–$49,999)

CSA Group

IAEI Canadian Section

IAEI NC Ellis Cannady Chapter

IAEI Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter

IAEI Ontario Chapter

IAEI Southern Section

IAEI Southwestern Section

Gold ($5,000–$19,999)

Atkore International

Boltswitch, Inc.

Hubbell Wiring Systems

IAEI Adirondack Hudson Chapter

IAEI Arkansas Chapter

IAEI Michigan Chapter

IAEI North Dakota Chapter

IAEI Oregon Chapter

IAEI Rocky Mountain Chapter

IAEI Southern California Chapter

IAEI Utah Chapter

IAEI Wisconsin Chapter


Legrand North America

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

QPS Evaluation Srvs, Inc.

TUV Rheinland of N.A., Inc.

Silver ($1,000–$4,999)

Chung, Young Ki/Omni LPS Co., Ltd

Copper Development Association

Encore Wire

Fitch Jr., Robert W.

IAEI Alabama Chapter

IAEI Benjamin Franklin Chapter

IAEI Cape & Island Chapter

IAEI So Cal Chapter - Border County Division

IAEI Central Illinois Chapter

IAEI Central Arizona Chapter

IAEI Chesapeake Chapter

IAEI Eastern Washington Chapter

IAEI Genesee Chapter

IAEI Granite State Chapter

IAEI Green Mountain Chapter

IAEI Idaho Chapter

IAEI Illinois Chapter

IAEI Illinois Chapter, In Memory of James G. Lally

IAEI Iowa Chapter

IAEI Kentucky Chapter

IAEI Keystone Chapter

IAEI Montana Chapter

IAEI Nebraska Chapter

IAEI New Jersey Skyland Chapter

IAEI Northern California Chapter

IAEI Northern Illinois Division

IAEI Northeast Division of Rocky Mountain Chapter

IAEI Northwestern Section

IAEI Nova Scotia Chapter

IAEI Prairie Chapter

IAEI South Dakota Chapter

IAEI Southeast Louisiana Chapter

IAEI St. Louis Chapter

IAEI Tennessee Chapter

IAEI Texas Gulf Coast Chapter

IAEI Virginia Chapter

IAEI Western Massachusetts Chapter

IAEI Western Pennsylvania 

Martin, Leo F. 

Mello, Chuck

Mullin, Ray C.

Bronze ($999 and less)

Acosta, Ramiro

Alban, William L.

Albritton, Charles C.

Aldridge, Richard

Alloway, Richard

Anderson, Lawrence

Angelillo, Aneal C.

Antinelli, Frank

Aragona, Angelo

Arendt, Timothy E.

Armstrong, Brian P.

Ausec, Jeffrey

Bacca, James

Bacon, Jerome K.

Badders, Milford

Baird, Robert

Barnes Jr., Gerald

Barrett, William

Barringer, Thomas

Barton, Gene

Battel, John

Baus, Adrian W.

Bechtel, David

Beckworth, WK

Beemer, Dan B.

Belcheff, John

Bellantoni, Joseph

Belski, Ron

Bennett, Art

Berry, Bruce

Berry, John

Bhiro, Kaylas

Biery, Michael

Bilicki, David J.

Bisceglia, Patrick S.

Blanchette, Robert

Bolle, Robert L.

Bombardier, Richard

Bosma, Stephen

Bossler Jr., Richard C.

Bowers, Peter E.

Brenton, William

Brogley Jr., Martin

Brooks, James

Brooks, Robbie

Broome, Ernest & Judy 

Brown, Tom K

Bruton, Terry A.

Bullock, John E.

Caglia, Richard

Campbell, Leo M.

Canaday, Steve

Canterbury, Dewitt

Carl, Edward M.

Cardona, Dimetrius

Carlson, Alan B.

Carlson, Arthur

Carlton, Alan R.

Carman, Tyrwhitt

Carrington, Ed

Case, Archie W.

Castronovo, Ken

Chan, Larry

Chapman, Gaye A.

Charlton Jr., Tom E.

Chez, Howard

Chmielewski, Mark P.

Chorpenning, Russell

Christensen, Rex

Chrysler, Mark

Cidlowski, Joel

Clauson, Robert

Clements, David & Jaci

Clock, John

Clune, Walter

Cogburn, Larry David

Cogburn, Ron L.

Cole, Bill

Cook, Donald R.

Cooper Jr., Karl G.

Corbett, Gerard

Corbin, James R.

Cote, George A.

Cox, Edward

Cox, Philip

Coxworthy, Pierre

Craig, Herbert

Cronin, Neil F.

Czarnik Jr, Walter

Czeskleba, James

D'Agostino, Frank

Dages, David

Daino, Steve J.

Davies, Stan A.

Davis, Bill

Davis Sr, Timothy J.

Del Guidice, John

Del Vecchio, Gianmarco

DePenning, Jerry

Dickerson, Wesley K.

Dickey, William

Donohue, William

Doran, James F.

Douglas, Steve

Doyle, John

Duffy, Brian

Earley, Mark

Edmands, Charles

Edwards, Timothy

Eggleston, Doug

Enama, Raymond A.

Endean III, Harold R.

Enderby, Timothy M.

Fahey, James 

Fahey, Robert G.

Fairchild, Robert

Fairlie, Malcolm

Faulkner, Marc

Feininger, Mitchell L

Ferrara, Salvatore

Figuccio, Anthony

Fisher, Barry

Fitzloff, Jeff

Flingos, Thomas

Ford, Paul

Forister, Mike

Forsberg, Charles W.

Fox, Scott

Foy, David

Frame, William

Fredeman Jr., Thomas G. 

Fritz, Brian/The Hill School

Frohberg, Daniel

Gachpazha, Ali

Gandolfo, Ray

Garcia, Saul Trevino

Gastiger, Gary M.

Garvey, Thomas

Gazzola, Richard

Gebert, Robert M.

Gentile, Joseph

Genualdo, Ciro

Gerace, Samuel

Gilarski, Richard

Gilbert, Greg

Gilbert Jr, James

Gill, Henry L.

Gilleran, James

Gillin, James M.

Gintz, Candy

Gladwin, Frank

Glaser, Earnest

Glaze, Bryan

Gnatek, Jim  

Goodale, Todd

Gorman, Michael J.

Goulet, Phillip

Grassi, Jeffrey

Graves, Patrick H.

Gray, James

Green, David

Griffith, John H.

Griffith, Karl

Grothe, Kenneth R.

Groves, Lee

Grubbs, Michael R.

Guenther, Ralph

Guidry, Paul E.

Guillen, Jose A.

Hall, Corinne

Hamilton, Dale B.

Hansen, Terry M.

Harris, Cordell

Havington, Michael

Heaverin, Joseph

Helm, Richard D.

Helms, Stephen

Hennessey, Stephen

Hepburn, Basil

Hermsmeyer, Steve

Herrera, M. Antonio Macias

Higgs, Cathy

Hilbert, Mark R.

Hill, David

Hodson, Ed

Hoff, John

Hofkin, Mike

Hogelin, Russell B

Holland, Bryan

Hollander, Richard

Holstead, Ray H.

Hooson, Ron

Hourigan, Brian

House, Dave

House, Donald

Hudak, John Cannon

Hughes, Gordon B.

Hull, Richard

Humphrey, David G.

Hunter, Dean

Hunter, William A.

IAEI Akron Division

IAEI Central Illinois Division - In Memory of James Lally

IAEI East Tennessee Division

IAEI Eastern Virginia Division

IAEI Empire Chapter

IAEI Greater Los Angeles Division

IAEI Indiana Chapter

IAEI Japan Chapter

IAEI Joseph A Schneeberger/Florida Gulf Coast

IAEI Korea Chapter

IAEI Long Island Chapter

IAEI Minnesota Chapter

IAEI Orange Empire Division

IAEI Palm Beach County

IAEI Paul Revere Chapter

IAEI River Region Division 

IAEI Saudi Arabia Chapter

IAEI Shasta Chapter

IAEI South Jersey Chapter

IAEI Southern Utah Division

IAEI Southwest Division - Ohio Chapter

IAEI Westchester Chapter

IAEI West Virginia Division

Imlah, Jim

In honor of Linda Jean Ames/IAEI Minnesota Chapter

Ingley, Kathryn

Ingoglia, Mike

Intoccia, Neil

Ippolito, Sidney A.

Jackson, Pete

Jameson, Joseph H.

Jewell, William

Jones, Kirk

Jones, Leonard

Jones, Paul

Jones, Ralph Steve

Jones, Robert A.

Jones, Steven

Jones, Tim

Kahle, John

Kaiser, Richard A.

Kaiser, William J.

Kamowski, Ronald

Kay, H Joe 

Kelly, Richard J.

Kemna, Nancy

Kenney, Fred D.

King, Gary

King, Jon E.

Kirick, Michael

Knoll, Kurt K.

Koziol, Gerald K.

Knuth, Walter

Kochan, Melvyn

Konrad, Jim

Kroke, Kevin

Krueger, Dirk

Kunze, David A

LaFontana, Frank J.

Lambert, William

Langlois, Daniel

Lawhorne, Donald

Lawry, Edward

Lawson, George W (Wilf)

Lederhos, Don

Lee, Deborah

Lee, Marshall

Legee, James

Leibensperger, Daniel

LeRoy, Robert S.

Levine, Robert

Lewis, David

Lichtenfels, Andrew

Lichtenfels, Terry

Lillis, Bob & Danita

Link, Arnold

Lofland, Betty

Lofland, L Keith

Lohay, Anthony

Lowery, Steve H.

Lowrance, Amos

Loyd, Richard & Nancy

Lujan, Mikel

Lund, John

Lundy, Lorraine S.

Lyskawa, Michael

Magnan, Alfredo J.

Mahnke, Peter

Maitland, James G.

Maldonado, Jim — In memory of from the Southern California Chapter

Mancini, John V.

Marbois, Mathew C.

Margerison, Darren M.

Marich, Mattew

Marrese, Michael J.

Martinez, Nancy N.

Matthews, John J.

Mattingly, Ritchie L.

May, Timothy F.

Mayer, Adam

McBride, Jerry

McClintock, Tim

McClung, Ayche

McCune, James

McDonough, Gregory

McElhany, Thomas J

McElhinney, Joseph R. 

McHan, Jarrid

McIntosh, Don

McKee, Donald P.

McMahill, Lanny

McMahon, Robert

McMillan, Michael

McNabb, Ken

Mecca, Richard

Meell, Richard L. 

Meeson, Robert

Miller, Linus M.

Miller, Kenneth

Millet, Ray

Mills, Ted

Minker, John M. 

Mitchell, Anthony W.

Montgomery, Louis R.

Mook, Jerome

Moore, Thomas

Morikawa, Lyman M.

Morrison, James H.

Morrison, Thomas

Mroczkowski, Scott

Murray, Paul

Muscio, Rod C.

Muscio, Ryan C.  

Nagel, John

Narducci, Joseph

Neel, Timothy P.

Neuhaus, Angela M.

Newkirk, Robert L.

Newman-Scearce, Susan

Newport, Mark

Nick, David G.

O'Carroll, Paul

O'Connor, Ray L.

Oetzman, Rene

Offerdahl, Don & Pat

Olson, Randy

Ondrusek, Stanley

Orbeck, Daryl

Ordahl, Dan

Organ, Donald

Oshea, Kevin

Oshiro, Satoru

Oswald Jr., Willis

Packard, Michael

Pagliaro, Leonard

Palmer, Ronald

Panizari, Richard A.

Paryzek, Jeff

Pascal Jr., Frank

Pate, Thomas J.

Paulsen, Shawn S.

Paulson, Raymond

Pavlik III, Emanuel J.

Pavlik, Emil

Pavlik, Michael

Pena, Amber

Pennell, William J.

Pernal, Tom

Pfeiffer, John

Picard, Paul

Piciu, Sorin

Pirreca, Gianpiero

Pizzuto, George

Pokorny, Richard

Poole, Danny

Pope, Tim

Porlick, Robert A.

Porter, Chris

Porter, Tim

Post, Oran

Powers, Cole P.  

Powers, Craig

Prater, Charles D.

Priddy, Ronnie M.

Procaccini, Anna M.

Prock, Rocco Lee

Purpura, Thomas E.

Ramirez, Al

Ramirez, Moy

Rasmasson, Tim

Ray, John

Reeves, Jesse A.

Reinholdt, Ronald A.

Rende, Chuck

Rhodes, James

Rhodes, Steven

Robb, George

Robertson, David

Robinson, Wayne

Rodgers, James

Rodrigues, Henry F.

Rogers, James J.

Romine Sr., Thomas E.

Romo, Rene

Rorabaugh, Sandy

Rorabaugh, Troy

Rose, Lyndon P.  

Rottau, P Hans

Rousselle, Geoff

Ruhnke, Gregory

Ryan, Laurence E.

Sabo, Wayne

Salfity, Jamil

Saltzman, S

Sanborn, David L.

Scialampo, Martin J

Semper, Joseph

Serrant, Julien

Servine, David M.

Schapp, Ronald

Schmaus, Frank

Scialampo, Martin

Seachris, Bruce

Servine, David

Shaner, Michael/The Hill School

Shaw, Douglas

Sheehan, Andrew

Siekierski, Dennis

Simmons, Jim P.

Simmons, Phil

Simoncelli, Edward A.

Sirois, Chris G.

Slagel, Glen E.

Smith, Larry 

Snuffin, Royden O.

Snook, Steve

Soontiens, Kevin R.

St. Hart, Edward A.

Stevens, Daryl

Stillman, Joseph L.

Stratos, Tim

Strickland, Tom

Strohpaul, Don M.

Sullivan, David R.

Tamres, Avrum

Taylor, Greg

Terrell, Kevin M.

Tesch, Michael

Theroux, Real F.

Thomas, Annette

Thomas, Eugene

Thompson, Ellias

Thompson, Larry

Timm, Levi

Townsend, Charles R.  

Trainer, Richard

Trojanowicz, Robert

Troyer, Ron

Tucker, Mike

Tyndale, Kenneth

Urso, Jack

Van Ausdal, Jason

Valdez, Victor

Vanderhoof, Roger

Vaughn, Jimmy B.

Velazquez, Gilberto Lopez

Vidal, Leonardo J

Vigue, Kerry

Wadowski, Scott

Weber, Raymond W & Donna N

Wells, Jack

Wene, Ken F.

Western, Layne

Wheaton, Joseph F.

Williams, David

Williams, Susan

Wilson, John D.

Wolney, Robert

Woods, John A.

Yee, Benjamin

Zafrani, Edward J.

Zakrzewski, Edward

Zitney, Steven

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